The Speaking Vibrations Method

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LabO, 10 Daly, Ottawa

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The Speaking Vibrations Method 3-Day Workshop Weekend May 24-26 2024 Ottawa, Ontario Location: To be announced (will be in the downtown area of Ottawa).


Speaking Vibrations is a performance collective that specializes in integrating accessibility into its performances and events.

The Speaking Vibrations Method Workshop Weekend is a professional development event that breaks down our group’s way of approaching accessibility, creative process and artistic collaboration through a series of workshops and group discussions.

The workshops break down our “method” through a series of focus topics, such as: defining accessibility, working with interpreters, and Deaf and hearing collaboration.

We recognize that accessibility is always a work in progress and an ever-evolving area of expertise. This workshop weekend will support artists, presenters’, producers’ and organizers' integrate accessibility into their work. It is also an opportunity to learn from you, the community of participants.

Who is this workshop weekend for?

This is for anyone interested in discussing and learning about accessibility. For event organizers, theatre, dance and music creators, producers and arts workers.

What will I learn about?

Sample workshop titles include:

Accessibility 101: Best Practices (Drea) Accessibility 101: Accessible Marketing (Drea) Accessibility 101: Working with Interpreters (Carmelle Cachero) Intro to Visual Vernacular (Jo-Anne Bryan) Vibrotactile Technology Demonstration (Carmelle Cachero & Jordan Samonas) Group Discussion: Artmaking in Ottawa: Barriers and Solutions - Where to Next?


Friday May 24 - 6:30-10pm - Workshops & Social Saturday May 25 - 10-5pm - Workshops Sunday May 26 - 10-5pm - Workshops

There will be frequent breaks scheduled. Detailed schedule to be announced soon.


In keeping with Disability justice, we understand the financial barriers that artists, arts workers, D/deaf and Disabled artists and people face in attending events. As such this event has different options for pricing to ensure that finances are not a barrier to attending. All prices are Offer-What-You-Will pricing with suggestions of financial offers. We'd like to invite you to consider what you can offer to either support your attendance or someone else's.


All Levels

This workshop weekend is available to anyone regardless of your understanding and experience with accessibility and related topics.


All workshops will be capped at a max of 30-40 people.


All workshops are offered in English and ASL. ASL-EN Interpreters are available on site.

Accessible Workshop Content

All workshops are designed to be broadly accessible to Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, Low-Vision, and Disabled participants. We recognize that accessibility is a work in progress, and is sometimes limited by budget, resources or venue. If there is something we can do to support you please let us know, we will do our best to meet your needs and support you in attending the workshop series.

Accessible Workshop Materials

All workshops will provide accessible printed handouts in both large print and regular 12 pt font. All workshop support materials (such as PowerPoint presentations) will be available for pre-access on a shared Google Drive Folder. Post-workshop access to digital materials will also be made available. It is intended that these materials are available for your private use only. Please do not share, copy or recreate these materials. These materials remain the property of Speaking Vibrations and are shared with you in this good faith agreement. If you have any questions about our materials and what you can do with them, please contact

Assistive Listening

All English/oral presentation and ASL-English interpretation will use microphones and public speakers. If you use or require additional assistive listening support, let us know. Accommodations will be made to ensure you are seated close/near to workshop speakers.

Blind and Low-Vision Friendly

All workshops will integrate visual descriptions and other accommodations such as tactile demonstrations of iconic ASL signs.


If you are an attendant, aide, or companion, you are still required to have a ticket. Book a complimentary ticket for a companion.

Deaf Interpreter/Intervener/Tactile Interpretation

If you require hand-over-hand, pro tactile, close vision or other Deaf Interpreting services, please contact before booking a ticket.


We ask that anyone who is not feeling well to stay at home. We encourage and welcome masking if you are immunocompromised and/or a person wanting to protect your health.

Other Accessibility Needs

Please indicate at ticket checkout if you have particular accessibility needs and we will do our best to accommodate your request. For example, let us know if you require a wheelchair accessible space, access to large print programs, assistive listening services, visual descriptions, or sightlines for ASL interpreters.

Service Animals

In line with Ontario legislation, certified service animals can go anywhere their humans go. We ask that you keep your non-certified pets at home.

Scent Free

This is a scent-free venue.

Vibrotactile Devices

During a vibrotactile demonstration and exploration, handheld vibrotactile devices will allow select audience members to experience sound as feeling and vibration. There are a limited number of devices that will be prioritized for Deaf, hard of hearing and DeafBlind patrons.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or have a medical condition that may be aggravated by intense vibration or magnets, do NOT use or be near the vibrotactile devices. Please ensure you are distant from these devices as it is the vibrations themselves that can cause issues. If you have a condition that means you can’t use a vibrotactile device, and you are sitting at or near a vibrotactile device, please tell a staff member or a volunteer to assist you to move to a different seat.

Venue Accessibility:

More information coming soon.

Wheelchair Users

The workshop space is wheelchair accessible. Workshops will be designed for wheelchair users Please indicate at ticket checkout if you are a wheelchair user and contact