King Kimbit NEW SINGLE Fk12frfr Pt. II ft. Asuquomo

April 30th 2024 — Award-winning, spoken word artist, singer and instrumentalist from Ottawa, King Kimbit is announcing the release of FK12FRFR PT. II, a long-awaited single after a 7-year hiatus. This track is a “PT. II”, following FK12FRFR from King’s debut album Life Lessons Poetically (2017). Produced by Ottawa legend Goldstripes, this song also features Asuquomo, a renowned Nigerian-Canadian rapper, singer and visual artist based in Ottawa. The introduction is a compilation of soundbites recorded by King at an anti-genocide protest back in 2021, organized by members of the Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians. Initially recorded at Real House of Ensemble by engineer Deflare in 2023, the song was completed this year with finishing touches by Quest at Dreamland studio.

The inspiration for this song came from an obligation to speak on witnessing the clear difference of treatment between “freedom” convoy occupiers (who brought diesel and noise pollution) and protestors rallying for causes that centre Black and Brown liberation (who are actually peaceful) by the authorities sworn to serve us.

“My intent with the track is to raise awareness of the violent phenomenon that we are all complicit in, through our tax dollars. Using my gifts, I hope to eradicate white supremacy and patriarchy by creating space for stories of healing and survival of women and the world.” - King Kimbit

Genre: Rap/Hip Hop/Influential Themes: Liberation, Resilience, Abolition, Justice, Peace