Speaking Vibrations Deaf-Accessible Music Concert

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music is embodied. sound is vibration. Speaking Vibrations is proud to present an accessible concert film experience for Deaf and non-Deaf audiences. MAY 7-14 2021 - FREE for Deaf audiences - Tickets starting at $5 - Video on demand - ASL and Captions Purchase your ticket today: https://www.eventbrite.ca/.../speaking-vibrations... * STAY TUNED for further info on how to access the on-demand video link; The link will be made available upon purchase of your ticket, as of May 7th 2021* About the film: This concert film is interpreted & captioned, and makes accessible the experience of live art for Deaf and non-Deaf audiences. Speaking Vibrations’ centering of ASL song/poetry, accessibility as aesthetic, and sound as vibration, demonstrates that music is more than acoustic sound, music is a three-dimensional, emotive, embodied and vibrational medium. About Speaking Vibrations: Speaking Vibrations is a multi-disciplinary, accessible performance art collective & work in rhythm tap dance, spoken word, ASL song/poetry and contemporary dance, created by Jo-Anne Bryan, Carmelle Cachero, King Kimbit & Jordan Samonas, working under creative direction by Jacqui du Toit. In an in-person capacity, we use innovative vibrotactile technologies, such as vibrating vests, to enable audiences to experience sound as feeling and vibration. We are four women from different walks of life, intersecting through art and beyond. The tensions between where we’re from, where we live and the languages we speak, sign, or have lost, are the stories and songs our work is grounded in. Based on reflections of lived experiences, languages and stories, this work brings together 4 artists of diverse identities and practices, and disrupts notions of performance art categorization - of who can perform, enjoy and fully experience art. Acknowledgements: Speaking Vibrations is independently operated by group members Jordan Samonas, Carmelle Cachero, Jo-Anne, Bryan, and King Kimbit, based on unceded Algonquin territory. This event has been made possible through the generous support and funding from the Ontario Arts Council as well as the generosity of Great Canadian Theatre Company.

$5 suggested donation