Migrants Unite! – IMA Canada 2019 Assembly Launch

Happy Goat Coffee Co., 35 Laurel Street, Ottawa

MIGRANTS UNITE! National Assembly – IMA Canada Launch Event

$15 including food. or, ENTRY INCLUDED WITH REGISTRATION! If you would like to register: https://bit.ly/IMACanada

Venue: Happy Goat Coffee Co. 35 Laurel St, Ottawa, ON 6:30pm–8:30pm 30 Nov 2019

We invite you to the opening event of the National Assembly – IMA Canada. We are bringing together refugees, migrants, immigrants, and all those in support of their causes. There will be performances, solidarity statements, poetry, music, and more!

The International Migrants Alliance (IMA) is the first-ever global alliance of organizations of grassroots migrants, refugees and displaced peoples.

Established in June 2008, the IMA aims to strengthen and put forward the voice of the grassroots migrants on issues affecting them and their families. From issues of remittance to rights and welfare to the resolution of forced labor migration, the IMA lays down its analysis from the grassroots migrants’ point of view and challenge the current system and its mechanisms like the Global Forum on Migration and Development.

Currently, the IMA has more than 120 member organizations from more than 30 countries worldwide. Its membership is divided into two – regular members, for grassroots organizations; and associate members, for organizations and institutions that support the causes of migrants.

This event will take place on unceded Algonquin territory.

The Indigenous peoples have had their land, homes, and lives taken by the violent Canadian colonial system. Canada continues this genocide today, through pollution, criminal neglect, cultural extermination, and actual murder.

As proletarian internationalists, we uphold the right of nations to self-determination. We stand with the Indigenous peoples of this land in their struggles and demands for water, land, and ultimately their total sovereignty.

When we educate and organize on these territories, it is in recognition that ending the system of poverty and forced migration from the our homes is our most concrete contribution to stopping the settling of these lands, and that ending the world system of capitalist imperialism is the only way to liberate our people and the Indigenous peoples on whose land we are guests.