17th Annual Dapo Fun Day

Blackburn Community Park, 190 Glen Park Dr, Gloucester, ON K1B 5A3

Friends and Family it is that time of year again! Come Join the Dapo Agoro Foundation for Peace at 190 Glen Park for the 17th Annual Dapo Fun Day! For those of you whom have yet to attend this event, it is day to promote non-violence,peaceful conflict resolution and most of all to empower our youth to be peacemakers in our community.

The day will include a little bit of fun for all ages!!! BBQ, Raffles with great prizes, Bouncy Castle, free face painting, cotton candy, live entertainment, key note speakers and DJ Phil Kid live on location! So bring your whole family and enjoy a day a positivity and a wonderful atmosphere in the sun.

This is our major fundraising event to support the Dapo Agoro Scholarships and community initiatives, so every little bit counts and your support is greatly appreciated! Can't wait to see you all there!!

The Dapo Agoro Foundation for Peace embraces Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of a world where nonviolence is a way of life. Dr King pointed out that nonviolence means more than the absence of physical violence. Nonviolence is not passive, but a courageous, active resistance to injustice. It is a way of life reflected in thought and deed, a method of conducting yourself in all of your affairs. The Dapo Agoro Foundation for Peace seeks to create a forum for the community to address the problem of youth violence in our communities and a support group for families that are victimized as result of youth violence.

Our commitment is to launch innovative projects and programs that promote non violence among our youths through the use of positive re-enforcement by awarding an annual peace award to a student at Lester B. Pearson High School who demonstrates these traits. We aim to promote against youth violence through the use of state-of-the-art communications technology.

We seek new partnerships with organizations and individuals who demonstrate commitment to help educate people all over the world in Nonviolence. We will continue to support organizations that have missions similar to that of the Dapo Agoro Foundation for Peace.

More info at http://www.dapoagorofoundation.org/