Cap City Cyphers presents Jesse Dangerously & ApollotheChild

Bar Robo, 692 Somerset St. W, , Ottawa

Cap City Cyphers invites you to enjoy freestyling with your hip-hop community before, between, and after full length sets from local artists Apollo the Child* and rap legend Jesse Dangerously

Capacity is 45 including performers & staff, so space is limited. Tickets are $15 in advance or pay what you can at the door before we reach capacity.

Bar Robo has a strict zero tolerance policy for misogyny, racism, transphobia, homophobia, or other oppressive behaviours - and Cap City Cyphers isn't playing either - so please don't bring that around us. We are many genders, sexes, ethnicities, Nations, sexualities, body shapes and sizes, faiths and ability types. We're not here to battle. Be considerate with rhymes, time, and paradigms.

*exactly which iteration of ApollotheChild will be performing is TBD